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May 8, 2012
The Best Way To Make Kombucha

"....the elixir of life"

By: Luke Muhammad

The Best Way To Make Kombucha

The Basic Ingredients
1 kombucha way of life (or scoby)
2 litres of h2o
3 or 4 tea bags or 3 or four teaspoons of tea (green, white, or black tea)
one-hundred and sixty grams of white sugar
200 ml of kombucha from a previous batch as a starter or two tablespoons
of cider vinegar for those who don't have any kombucha.

The Equipment
A 3 liter glass Pyrex bowl
A tea towel for covering the bowl
A rubber band or piece of elastic to secure the tea towel
A teapot or saucepan to make the tea in
A measuring cup that can measure two liters
A scale to measure the sugar
A strainer
Some bottles for bottling the finished tea

The Technique
Work in In A Clean Environment
Ensure everything is thoroughly clean when working with Kombucha. It's a
living organism, a complex program of bacteria and yeasts, and you don't
want to risk contaminating it. Use freshly cleaned arms, clean up jars
and clean up non metallic implements.inexperienced teas simmering within
a pan.

Make the tea
Boil the water. After water boils, insert the tea bags and let boill for another minute to purify the tea bags. Let tea brew for 15 to 20 minutes. include your

Pour the tea into your container, include the sugar and stir it until it dissolves. Now add cold drinking water to bring the tea up to two litres. Hot tea can destroy the culture, so make sure the water is cold or, at least, room temperature. It should be no warmer than room temperature before you add your Kombucha culture to it. So, if it is still too hot, then allow it to cool down before you add it to the container the bowl.

Making The Brew
Add the starter into the Pyrex bowl and put in the starter liquid from the previous batch of Kombucha. If this really is your first batch then use two tablespoons of cider vinegar as your starter (it provides the acid environment the culture likes) or some commercial kombucha if you have some. When you’ve made your initial batch you will have your personal Kombucha liquid to use as a starter for your next batch.

Pour The Tea Into The Container
Make certain your tea has cooled before you add the Kombucha culture to it. Hot or warm tea can kill the culture. It ought to be no hotter than body heat just before you add it to the starter.

Adding The Kombucha Culture
Pick up your scoby and slide it in to the bowl. It's going to probably float but at times they sink. It's going to make no difference if it floats or sinks, so don’t worry about this. In the event the scoby has a 'dirty' side exactly where it really is darker in colour and has beard like brown bits sticking to it then place that side facing down into the tea. The brown bits are yeasts. Cover the tea container and leave it to ferment.

Place your tea towel over the opening of the container over and secure it using a rubber band or possibly a bit of elastic. This keeps contaminates out of the culture. Fruit flies particularly like the scent of Kombucha, and can seem like the perfect place to put their eggs within the scoby. So it is vital to cover it correctly.

Put the bowl inside a dark, warm location (23°-30°C or 70°-86°F) like a cabinet or in the kitchen, And that is it!

Monitorinb The Brew
The fermentation process will take 5-14 days based to the temperature. In the event you check your brew right after 2 or 3 days, you’ll discover what appears to be scum forming on the top of the solution. It’s not scum in any respect; it’s the initial skinny membrane of the new Kombucha scoby.

Begin tasting the brew around the fourth or fifth day. Carefully move the culture to the side of the container and dip a spoon into the liquid. When the
Kombucha is prepared properly, it really should be neither also too sweet nor too bitter. The taste of the finished Kombuca tea also depends on how much sugar you have used in the brewing process. Some people like it sweet but other people favor it sour. It is up to you, so check it every day until it's ready.

After determing the tea is ready, place a piece of clean cheese cloth or a clean nylon stocking over a pour-off contaner (non-metallic), pour the tea into the container, throught the cloth or nylon. This final step strains the Kombucha tea and it remove the fine 'dregs' or cast of bacteria and yeast particles. Once you've strained the tea, bottle it in your bottling containers and seal. Allow the tea to sit on a countertop for 24 hours. After this time period, the tea is ready to drink or put in the refrigerator.



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